Group agility classes are offered on Tuesday, Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday. Group classes are small, with no more than 4 - 5 handlers and their dogs in a class.

Private classes are offered on Tuesday, Wednesday, Saturday & Sunday. Please call to schedule a lesson.

All aspects of agility training are covered in class: intro and beginning classes include an introduction to some equipment. As handlers advance, We give you and your dog a solid familiarization with equipment. As you progress, we work on handling skills, distance work, and handling strategies for competition, including games strategies and rules for competition in various organizations.

Classes are taught on a full set of equipment which meets the requirements of a variety of organizations.

Many Far-Flung students compete in
NADAC, CPE, UKI and AKC Agility statewide; others choose to participate in a combination of fun runs, seminars, group classes and private lessons. It is all good, and classes are tailored to fit individual students' needs.

Rates: Ongoing group classes are $15 per class per dog with a minimum purchase of $60.00

            Private lessons: $40.00/hour

"Introduction to Agility" and "Beginning Agility" classes are offered several times a year at the Papai'kou facility. Structured for people with no agility background, these courses are each 8 weeks in duration and give the new student and their dog the basics of agility training and you will be introduced to all of the agility equipment. We emphasize foundation work in the first 8 weeks and more sophisticated handling skills in the second set of classes.

Introduction to Agility  and Beginning Agility are both sets of 8 classes. The cost for these classes is $120.00

Special Classes: Other limited duration classes are also taught periodically throughout the year:

Contact Training (2o2o)  and Jump Training:  Both jump training and contact training are based on Andrea Dexter's methods and use her dvd's as training tools. Andrea lives in Washington State and provides video consulting services for these classes. Visit her on the web:

          Contact training teaches competition-ready 2-on 2-off performance that is fast (really fast!) and reliable.  

          Jump training involves teaching you how to show your dog how to use his mind and body to jump efficiently.  Intermediate jump training focuses on different challenges that are precursors to typical agility sequences such as jumping into pressure, first jumps, and lead out cues.

          Contact training and jump training classes are private or semi-private classes (2 handlers max).
Please call for class details, rates and schedule.

"Agile Ambitions" Puppy Foundation work: This class introduces you and your puppy to basics which will give you an excellent foundation for competition agility. The class is geared towards handlers bringing up a second or third agility dog, and the emphasis is work on the flat, not on equipment. The class is taught as a private or semi-private (2 handlers) class. Please call for rates and schedule.

Agility Games: is an introduction to CPE and AKC games. The class is 2 hours per week for 6 weeks. A variety of games will be introduced, the rules explained in detail and then... we play! Games class can include fullhouse; jackpot; snooker and FAST. Cost: $150.00

Tricks: Teach your dog a variety of fun and funny tricks that will keep your canine companion thinking and amuse your friends. 1 hour per week for 4 weeks. Cost: $60.00


Your first class? Hooray!

Please bring with you:  water dish, poop bags, yummy treats (for the dog!) favorite toy(s), and your dog on a leash with a buckle collar.

We will also need to see proof of vaccines or titer tests, and your dogs need to be on flea and tick protection and heartworm protocol.

An x-pen or crate is a great thing, but optional.


Photo top right is Brie © Tommy Adkins; Photo of Aston is © Rick Ogata