The 12th annual Far-Flung Bowl

Over 32 dogs participated in the 12th annual Far-Flung Bowl. The theme this year was "Around the World" and a party it was! 

The quartet outdid themselves yet again. We had the best cake ever thanks to Anne,  and champagne! Most important we had a lot of happy dogs and people. It was a really fun day! Thanks to all of you who helped make it so!

Congratulations to Anna & Loni & Panda for winning the annual "Push Me Pull You" award for excellent teamwork, and to Shalyn & Olive & Charlie for taking home the "Far-Flung Bowl" award for excellence in dog training.

Next year we will be having an "Movie Night" extravaganza. Don't miss out, this is a fun day!

A huge thank you to Lori Mattos, who kept us going!

Tommy did a geat job taking photos, and got multiple pics of all the dogs. What you see here is just a smaple. All photos are ©Tommy Adkins, unless specified otherwise. Please respect the copyright. 

Tommy can be reached at